About me

I graduated from Cal Poly Pomona University with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. I started working in the tech industry mostly in start-ups. After a company I worked at got acquired, I took a break to run my own business and pursue my dream of robbing banks flying airplanes.


Life would suck if there was nothing left to learn. I learned to program, to fly airplanes, to run a business, to invest, to keep my daughter alive,... And for each of those topics, I always feel like a newbie, because there is always so much that I don't know.

It never ends - and it should not.

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Where I'm at in life

After my wife and I had a beautiful baby girl in March 2018, I wanted to shift my focus to taking care of the family. I have recently even put my business on hold to focus on my family. In the next 5 years, I am visioning myself working on a full-time remote job because it would be perfect for my lifestyleğŸ¤ž

PS: I also love riding and working on bikes


If you are interested to know more about me or my career, let's get connected via email: mreigen@gmail.com